How to choose the best electric towel rail for your bathroom

How to choose the best electric towel rail for your bathroom

An electric towel rail is a handy accessory for the bathroom. It has several important functions, including drying towels quickly and preventing dampness and mold. Moreover, it does not depend on water supply and heating, so it can work all year round. But how to choose an electric heated towel rail? What aspects should you pay attention to?

Varieties depending on the material

When choosing an electric heated towel rail for a private house or apartment, you need to consider its material of manufacture. Currently, manufacturers offer:

  • Steel models are very common and usually have a shiny surface. However, there are models with a color coating. For example, Hygge Family products can be matte, white, or black and fit perfectly into any interior.
  • Brass heated towel rails. They look aesthetically pleasing and have good heat transfer. However, they are not as durable as steel ones.
  • Copper dryers. They are the most expensive and have perfect technical characteristics.

Construction features: wet and dry towel rails

What else should you know when choosing an electric towel rail?

Also, when thinking about how to choose an electric towel rail for the bathroom, you should choose between wet and dry models:

  • Liquid-filled dryers. Usually, they contain an oil solution inside, which is heated by a heating element. Such devices are more powerful and require more electricity. In case of a leak, the liquid can leak out, causing malfunctions.
  • With a dry heater (with an electric cable or a heating element), the room is heated faster and more economically. There is no risk of liquid leakage. However, such products retain less heat and cool down faster after switching off. To warm the room perfectly, choose products with high heat output.

By the way, many users are interested in how to choose an electric heated towel rail by power. If this product is to be used only for towels, a power of up to 90 W is sufficient, and if you need full room heating, up to 200 W and above.

What else should you know when choosing an electric towel rail?

When you are going to buy a towel dryer that works from the mains, pay attention to the following:

  • Dimensions. Standard models have a 40-50 cm width, and the height can vary from 40 to 120. Consider the size of your bathroom.
  • Functionality. Manufacturers offer models with additional functions, such as a timer regulator to adjust the operating time or a thermometer to control the maximum heating temperature. Such options help to control energy consumption and save money.
  • The principle of installation. Some models work only from a cable that ends with a plug and is plugged into an outlet. There are also dryers on the market that can be connected directly to the mains, for example, Hygge Family models also come with special parts for flush mounting.
  • Manufacturer. Choose companies with a good reputation and high-quality products. These companies usually offer a warranty.

Hygge Family is a British brand that, in collaboration with the Ukrainian company Mario, has launched a project to produce towel dryers. Its products are high-tech, innovative devices that are reliable and functional. Dryers from the Hygge Family have many advantages and are popular among consumers because of their excellent value for money. Therefore, when asked how to choose the right electric towel dryer, many experts advise paying attention to this particular company’s products.