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Revolutionizing Home Comfort: Innovative Electric Towel Rails

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All products are certified in accordance the EU, the UK and Israeli standards

Electric towel rails from Hygge Family: a synergy of style and quality

A heated towel rail is a heating radiator designed to be installed on a bathroom wall. It is able not only to dry towels and wet clothes quickly but also to maintain an optimal microclimate in the room. After all, a reliable heated towel rail provides comfort and coziness in the bathroom. It warms the air and prevents mold. The manufacturer of electric towel rails Hygge Family, offers reliable and modern products for every taste. Excellent quality and genuine style set them apart from others on the market.

Advantages of electric towel rails from Hygge Family

Hygge Family is a British manufacturer that actively cooperates with the Ukrainian company Mario to create high-quality, innovative, energy-efficient products. Thanks to the collaboration, the world has seen bathroom radiators from the Hygge Family – electric towel rails that have many significant advantages, including:

  • Cost-effectiveness. They consume relatively little electricity and are equipped with a timer regulator. This regulator allows you to choose the ideal temperature and a specific mode of operation (heating for 3 or 6 hours or continuous mode). Innovative towel warmers from the Hygge Family have been proven to consume significantly less electricity.
  • Safety. Modern heated towel rails are perfect for installation in the bathroom. They can easily operate in high humidity conditions, with an IP 44 protection rating, such as moisture, dust, and foreign objects. In addition, such heating products cannot leak like a conventional battery.
  • Large selection. Hygge Family offers an excellent range of towel rails that differ in size, shape, and configuration. You can order them. They become not just a household item but also a functional interior element.
  • Easy installation and operation. Installing energy-efficient towel dryers from Hygge Family is very easy, for ease of installation they are equipped with a unique connector – it allows you to connect the product to the mains from any side. And all the wires are securely hidden behind a hidden connection. And the operation of the towel dryer does not cause any problems – it is intuitive.
  • Long service life. Hygge Family guarantees all its products. All the products in the manufacturer’s catalog are certified products that have received quality certificates by European Union standards.

In addition, Hygge Family towel rails are characterized by attractive competitive prices. Of course, products of this quality cannot be cheap, but their price is justified.

Why is buying an electric towel rail in the Hygge Family online store worth it?

If you need a high-quality electric towel rail, Hygge Family offers an excellent selection of relatively inexpensive and high-quality products. Among our advantages:

  • products directly from the manufacturer – without unnecessary extra charges and delays;
  • user-friendly interface;
  • prompt order processing;
  • modern technologies and innovative ideas.

You can buy electric dryers from Hygge Family at physical points of sale in plumbing and large DIY stores. Our company is open to cooperation with partners from Ukraine and European countries. The brand has its warehouse in Poland, so delivery across European countries is very comfortable.a