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Hygge Family towel rails are a combination of style and functionality.

They are made of high-quality carbon steel and have a modern design.

Hygge Family towel rails are safe, reliable, and easy to care for. They will make a great addition to any bathroom.

Hygge Family towel rails: types, features, and benefits

Today, a bathroom radiator is a heater and a multifunctional product. It quickly dries wet towels and small clothes. It also maintains a comfortable microclimate in the bathroom, dries out excess moisture, and prevents mold from accumulating on surfaces. In general, it’s hard to imagine a modern bathroom without an electric towel rail. But how do you choose a product that is both high-quality and practical? The Hygge Family electric towel rail is an excellent choice – modern, high-tech, and surprisingly practical.

Features of Hygge Family electric towel rails

Each Hygge Family electric towel rail is a high-quality product manufactured on European equipment according to the latest European standards. These towel dryers are the product of a collaboration between a British brand and a Ukrainian company. And their products are a combination of excellent quality and style. Among the features and advantages of such towel dryers are:

  • high-quality materials – high-quality pipes for radiators are made of carbon steel, which is very hard, resists abrasion, reliably retains its shape, and has an anti-corrosion coating;
  • efficiency – all models are equipped with a timer regulator and Eco Mode, which allows you to adjust the temperature by choosing one of 3 temperature modes and the optimal operating time, which saves energy;
  • manufacturability – a special heating cable with heat-accumulating layers is stretched over the entire area of the product, which ensures uniform heat distribution and precise temperature control up to 50 C, so Hygge Family dryers do not require coolant or an additional heater for operation
  • attractive and convenient connection – the product is connected to the wall in the usual way with a plug and socket or through the flush-mounted function, which allows the wire to be led directly from the wall to the product.

What’s more, Hygge Family products are characterized by an attractive price.

Types of Hygge Family towel rails

Each Hygge Family electric towel rail looks stylish and modern. However, the buyer can choose the model that suits their taste. The company’s assortment includes products that differ in:

  • Shape. You can choose smooth lines, rounded edges, or sharper solutions or combine them into one product. For example, the HF Derby model has round pipes and square profile posts, the HF Greenwich has both round fins and a round post, the HF London has square pipes and a square post, and the HF Oxford has rectangular fins and a square post.
  • Color. The catalog includes matte white and black surfaces.

Each Hygge Family electric towel rail can be installed on the right or left side. These products have a universal and unique connector connecting them to either side’s power supply. Each Hygge Family electric towel rail is easy to maintain – the models do not accumulate dust and dirt, so you need to wipe them with a damp sponge to keep them in good condition.

Where can I buy the Hygge Family electric towel rail?

If you need a high-quality and original Hygge Family electric towel rail, you can buy it inexpensively in physical and online stores across Ukraine. The Hygge Family website offers an excellent range of stylish and modern products that can be installed in a private house and an apartment. Among the advantages of the Hygge Family:

The company is open to cooperation with owners and managers of plumbing stores.