How to install a towel rail in the bathroom?

How to install a towel rail in the bathroom?

It’s hard to imagine a bathroom without a heated towel rail today. As the name implies, this device is used to dry towels and small laundry. However, in reality, its functionality is much broader. A heated towel rail dries the air, heats the bathroom, and prevents mold. But to function well, you need to install and connect it correctly. Let’s look at how to install a heated towel rail.

How to install an electric towel rail?

How to install an electric towel rail?

Electric towel rails are easy to install – follow the simple instructions. They do not need to be connected to the water supply or heating system; they only need to be connected to the bathroom’s power supply. When you purchase a Hygge Family towel rail, you get everything you need to connect and install it in the kit.

It is worth deciding at what height to hang the heated towel rail. According to sanitary standards, it should be placed at a height of 1.2 m from the floor, but generally, a distance of 90-175 cm is allowed. Where is the best place to hang a heated towel rail? It is best to place it on the wall opposite the bathroom or shower, but you can also hang it above the sink, and installation above the washing machine is allowed. When deciding where to place a heated towel rail in the bathroom, remember that the distance between the towel rail and other objects in the bathroom should be at least 60 cm.

Also, to install an electric towel rail in an apartment or a private house, you should follow simple recommendations:

  • do not connect the product to the mains until installation is complete;
  • be sure to ground the product – connect it only to a grounded power supply;
  • pre-check the measurements and mark the fixing points on the wall;
  • screw the dryer by the optimal method of fastening – it depends on the type of wall, in particular, metal dowels should be chosen for gypsum panels and plastic dowels for brick or concrete;
  • fix the heated towel rail so that it is not placed directly above, below, or on top of the outlet;
  • connect the product to the mains directly without using extension cords, splitters, or tees.

Concealed connection of the heated towel rail

Hygge Family has released models with flush-mounted installation for those wondering how to connect a heated towel rail to the mains without noticing. This option allows you to quickly and safely connect the product to the electrical network without an outlet and hide the connection under a decorative element.

This installation method creates a highly aesthetic appearance of the room and ensures safe operating conditions for electrical products. The wires and connections remain in the wall so they cannot get wet, eliminating the risk of a short circuit.

Of course, flush-mounted installation in the bathroom is best done during renovation. This way, the connection of the heated towel rail will be simple and quick – the cable is laid before the walls are tiled. If the installation takes place after the repair work, then you can pull the cable through:

  • cut a groove in the wall with a grinder – from the power source to the towel dryer, then put the electric cable inside and apply a layer of plaster;
  • disguise the cable under the ceiling panels, if any.

Connecting the heated towel rail exclusively with a three-core cable is important – it must have a ground connection. Owners should also consider installing separate automation (a residual current device) to reduce the power supply in an emergency quickly.

Hygge Family offers high-quality electric heated towel rails that are easy to install and connect. These high-tech products have many advantages, including being economical, stylish, and reliable. For detailed information on how to install the towel rail, please refer to the product manual.