Tips for installing an electric tumble dryer in the bathroom

Tips for installing an electric tumble dryer in the bathroom

Electric heated towel rails are very popular. And it’s no wonder they provide bathroom heating and reliably remove excess moisture from the air and towels all year round, keeping your bathroom warm. In addition, modern manufacturers offer consumers economical dryers that help save energy. However, to enjoy their operation, it is important to install them correctly. Let’s figure out how to hang an electric heated towel rail in more detail.

Choosing the perfect place for a heated towel rail

how to install an electric towel rail

Choosing the right place in your bathroom before installing an electrically heated towel rail. There are currently no generally accepted rules and regulations for choosing a specific location, but several logical points exist.

The best place to install a heated towel rail is on the wall opposite the bathtub or shower stall. Many consumers also choose to install the product directly above the washing machine, which is a good option for small bathrooms. The surfaces above the bathtub, sink, or toilet can be called unsuitable places to install heated towel rails. After all, with any careless movement, everything from it will fall into the water.

To understand how high to hang an electric towel rail, you should use the arm’s length principle. Will it be easy to reach if the dryer is too low or too high? Other important considerations for dryer placement:

  • the height from the floor should be at least 90 cm;
  • when installing, keep a distance of at least 60 cm from other plumbing fixtures;
  • installation above the washing machine is allowed, but it must be at a distance from it to prevent household appliances from overheating.

If you need an electric towel rail, a master knows how to connect it. If you are not confident in your abilities, entrusting this work to a specialist is better. However, with a minimum of skills, you can do it yourself.

Evaluation of electrical connections

The next point to assess when preparing to install an electric tumble dryer in a private house or apartment is the condition, suitability, and availability of the electrical wiring. As you know, such products can be connected to a single-phase 220 V power supply in one of two ways – concealed (when the electric wire remains in the wall) or with an external plug. Concealed installation should be carried out during major repairs, as it is necessary to include the heater connection point in the wiring diagram.

Remember that it should be near a power outlet when thinking about how to mount an electric towel dryer powered by a plug. It should, in turn, be located at least 60 cm from the bathroom (on either side) or have an increased moisture protection class (IPX4 and higher) and at least 25 cm from the floor.

It is worth remembering that to connect an electric tumble dryer, you need to use a power line with a ground connection. You should also prefer a three-core copper wire with a non-combustible braid.

Installation of an electric towel rail

Installation of an electric towel rail involves hanging it on special wall mounts. They are usually included in the box with the main product. You can attach them to the wall using an anchor plate. However, the type of fastener depends on the surface, for example, drywall, concrete, or brick require a different approach.

Remember that the wall must be designed to support the weight of the heated towel rail. The brackets are rigidly mounted on the wall surface according to the manufacturer’s diagram recommendations, considering the dimensions of the specific dryer model. Then, the product needs to be hung on them – it becomes securely fixed throughout the entire period of operation.

To fix the fasteners, you need to carefully drill holes in the surface of the walls, as they are often tiled, which is quite fragile. To avoid damaging this material, you should use special drills and avoid percussion drilling. In addition, it is better not to make holes near the edge of the tile or in the joints between them.

Once hung up, the tumble dryer is ready to use. It can be plugged into a wall outlet or switched on at the main voltage for flush-mounted installation.

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