HF York: the powerful new generation of towel rail

York is a powerful electric towel rail with a dry heater from the British brand Hygge Family.

The towel rail consists of 12-16 flat profile ribs and has classic round section risers. It heats up quickly, has a high heat output and therefore can easily handle drying your towels.

The model is designed and manufactured in accordance with British standards and the most modern trends in the towel dryers market. The set includes a hidden connection kit, with which you can install the towel rail without any hanging cables and sockets, using all the advantages of modern installation methods.

Black and white coating colors have been at the peak of popularity for several seasons, so we chose them because we know for sure that they will fit into any design idea.

To control the temperature and operating time, the towel rail is equipped with an innovative timer-regulator. It allows you to choose one of three temperature modes: 40°C, 45°C, 50°C, as well as set the operating time: constant heating, 3 or 6 hours. And thanks to Eco Mode, you can disable constant heating and not worry that you forgot to turn off the towel rail, because it turns off automatically when the program ends.

The York model is presented in two sizes:
• 770×500 mm
• 1170×500 mm

Thanks to the unique connector, the towel rail can be connected from any side: both from the right and from the left. And the desired connection side can be chosen during installation.

York is protected against electric shock, has a moisture and dust ingress protection level of IP44, does not contain harmful substances and does not affect the operation of other electrical devices. Like all Hygge Family products, it is certified in Great Britain.


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