HF London: a towel rail that will last for years to come

London – a family electric towel rail with a dry heater from the British brand Hygge Family.

The towel rail has profile risers and ribs – many ribs, which makes it a powerful assistant in drying the towels of the whole family, as well as clothes. Fast heating, high heat output and increased heating area are the key to your dry and warm towels.

The London model has a high-quality completely safe coating, the paint is non-toxic, environmentally friendly, shock proof, resistant to UV radiation, mechanical and chemical effects. It creates a reliable, durable surface that is easy to care for.

The hidden connection kit that comes with the towel rail will make its installation even easier and safer. You don’t have to worry about children getting caught in the power cable or sticking fingers in an outlet – with the hidden connection, no hanging cables and outlets are needed, because the towel rail is connected directly to the power supply via a special connector. The connection will be reliably hidden by a decorative cover that provides additional insulation and protection. Moreover, the connection can be made from either side: both from the right and from the left.

The London towel rail is equipped with a timer regulator that allows you to adjust the temperature and operating time. You can choose the optimal temperature mode (40°С, 45°С or 50°С) and operating time (constant heating or timer for 3/6 hours). And with Eco Mode, you can disable constant heating – the towel rail will only work on a timer. This will also be relevant for those who have small children who discover the world by pressing buttons.

The London model comes in three sizes:

  • 570×400 mm
  • 770х500 mm
  • 1170х500 mm

The London towel rail  has all the necessary quality and safety certificates in accordance with the standards of Great Britain. It is absolutely safe and reliable, protected against electric shock, has a moisture and dust ingress protection level of IP44, does not contain harmful substances and does not affect the operation of other electrical devices.


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