HF Greenwich: the towel rail that will make your bathroom more comfortable

Greenwich is an elegant electric towel rail with a dry heater from the British brand Hygge Family.

The towel rail has plane ribs of a classic round cross-section and round risers. However, this model differs from an ordinary “ladder” by the increased number of ribs, which makes it powerful and effective.

The Greenwich model is a stylish addition to your interior. It can be made in black and white colors, which will be the highlight of any bathroom. And the hidden connection kit, which is included in the set of the towel rail, will help in this. Thanks to the hidden method of installation, you can avoid hanging cables and the ugly power outlet, which can spoil the entire design idea.

The towel rail does not need to be plugged out from the outlet, because it is equipped with a convenient and concise timer-regulator. With its help, you can set the working time: a timer for 3/6 hours or constant heating, as well as choose the desired temperature mode. The continuous heating function can be disabled thanks to the Eco Mode, and the heated towel rail will only work on a timer.

The Greenwich model comes in three sizes:

  • 570×400 mm
  • 770х500 mm
  • 1170х500 mm

If at the time of purchase you do not know which side of the connection you will need, then this will not be a problem with the Greenwich electric towel rail, because you can choose the connection side directly during installation thanks to a special connector that connects to any riser.

Greenwich has been tested in laboratories in Great Britain and has all the relevant quality and safety certificates, which prove that the towel rail has a moisture and dust ingress protection level of IP44, does not contain harmful substances and does not affect the operation of other electrical appliances.


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