HF Derby: the towel rail that combines power, safety and style

Derby is an innovative electric towel rail with a dry heater from the British brand Hygge Family.

The towel rail has round section ribs and risers with a square section. Due to the large number of ribs, it has a high heat capacity and can easily handle even completely wet towels, while consuming very little electricity.

Derby is not just a “ladder”, but a modern development that combines all technological innovations: a flexible timer-regulator, an innovative connector, the possibility of hidden connection, Eco Mode. Now we will describe each of these features in more detail.

The timer regulator is the brain of the towel rail, it provides control over the temperature and operating time, and in the Eco Mode mode it prevents excessive consumption of electricity. With Eco Mode activated, the heated towel rail only works when needed.

Thanks to the connector, the side of the connection doesn’t matter, because the towel rail can be connected to the power from either side: both from the right and from the left. Using the hidden connection option, you can not worry about the need to install a special outlet and can connect the power directly.

The Derby model is available in three sizes:

• 570×400 mm
• 770х500 mm
• 1170х500 mm

We took care not only of the functionality of the towel rail, but also of the aesthetics. In contrast to outdated designs, Derby has a modern shape and color: black or white, which will perfectly match any interior design.

Derby is certified in the UK and has all relevant quality and safety certificates. It is protected against electric shock, has a moisture and dust ingress protection level of IP44, does not contain harmful substances and does not affect the operation of other electrical devices.


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