Bathroom towel rails: functionality and benefits of use

Bathroom towel rails: functionality and benefits of use

A bathroom heated towel rail is not just a functional element but also a stylish accessory that adds a touch of elegance to the interior. However, like other home furnishings, it should be chosen very carefully to ensure that you get only the advantages and no disadvantages. To do this, you first need to understand the functionality and features of such products. Let’s answer the question of what makes a heated towel rail work and what the general advantages of using it are.

The main features and benefits of towel warmers

Bathroom towel rails: functionality and benefits of use

Let’s try to understand the pros and cons of towel rails in more detail. Visually, such products look like pipes of various shapes – they can be curved or form structures made of right angles, and they perform several functions at the same time:

  • dry wet towels;
  • serve as a place to place towels;
  • are used as heating for the bathroom;
  • decorate the bathroom – add style and a neat look.

Today, towel dryers are used to dry towels and maintain the bathroom – to eliminate excess moisture and, to some extent, for heating. After all, constant moisture and poor ventilation increase the risk of mold growth in various places. Mold is harmful to health and difficult to remove, and the smell in a room with mold is not the most pleasant. A heated towel rail helps regulate humidity and prevent excessive dampness.

How does a heated towel rail work?

If you’re interested in how a heated towel rail works, it’s worth mentioning that manufacturers offer different types of such products. However, electric models remain one of the most practical and modern. They are heated by thermal elements that are connected to the mains. Such products work all year round. It can be installed with a cable or heating element in the heated towel rail.

However, Hygge Family towel rails work on a slightly different principle. A special heating cable with heat-accumulating layers is stretched over the entire area of the product. It ensures even heat distribution and careful temperature control up to 50 C. Thanks to this design, Hygge Family dryers do not require coolant or an additional heating element.

Additional functions of a towel dryer: what you should pay attention to

When understanding how a towel dryer works in an apartment building, it is worth paying attention to additional features that can expand the functionality of such equipment. In particular, manufacturers can additionally equip their products:

  • a timer that will turn off the electric dryer after a certain time of activity (this helps to save energy);
  • a temperature controller – it allows you to set the dryer to a specific operating mode for heating to specific temperatures;
  • convenient options to facilitate connection, for example, Hygge Family towel rails are equipped with a universal connector that allows you to connect them to the network from any side.

In general, Hygge Family products (a collaboration between a British brand and a Ukrainian company) can be an excellent choice for installation in a private house and an ordinary apartment. This manufacturer’s products are stylish, economical, and practical. If you need a high-quality vertical towel rail, the advantages of Hygge Family are simply impressive. That’s why they’re worth considering.