How to choose the size of a heated towel rail?

вибір сушки для рушників за розміром

A heated towel rail is an essential element of every modern bathroom. They serve as an alternative to radiators and heat the room, and also allow you to quickly dry towels or some linen, which is their primary task. It isn’t easy to choose this device because dryers differ in many ways. Design, style, shape, materials, power, and, most importantly, dimensions. A heated towel rail, the size of which can vary greatly, should harmoniously fit into the interior and, if necessary, efficiently heat the available space.

What types of towel rails are there?

towel rail sizesBefore discussing choosing a towel dryer by size, it’s worth briefly explaining what types of towel dryers exist and their advantages and disadvantages.

All dryers are divided into electric and water. Each option has both pros and cons.

Electric towel rails can be of two types. The first is manually operated when the owner turns the device on and off, and the second is programmable. The dryer has a special timer that turns it off independently according to the settings.

The advantages of an electric dryer include:

  1. It heats up quickly and has good heat transfer.
  2. It can be used at any time of the year, not just when the heating is on.
  3. Easy to install, as this dryer does not need to be connected to a common pipeline and heating system. An ordinary socket is enough for its operation.

There are also disadvantages, namely additional energy consumption, which will result in higher electricity bills. Also, such models are more expensive than water models.

Water towel rails are similar to electric towel warmers, but they work thanks to the water circulating in the heating system. One of the product’s advantages is its cost-effectiveness, as a towel dryer costs less and does not require a power supply.

The disadvantages include poorer performance, meaning that the device heats up more slowly, and therefore, towels take longer to dry, especially in a room with high humidity. It’s also uncomfortable that the towel warmer doesn’t heat when the heating is off.

What are the criteria for choosing the size of a heated towel rail?

dimensions of the towel railHaving decided on the type of towel rail, you need to calculate the size of the towel rail. There are many parameters to consider:

  • the area and volume of the room;
  • the distance between furniture and plumbing;
  • additional functions include not only towel drying but also room heating.

If you buy a dryer exclusively for drying towels, choose its size based on your wishes and capabilities. For example, after analyzing how many towels you plan to dry simultaneously and how much space you will allocate for the towel dryer.

If you also plan to heat the room, then you need to calculate the size of the drying space based on the room area.

According to the standards, the optimal temperature for a bathroom is 22-24°C. The minimum is 18°C, and the maximum is 26-27°C. For high-quality heating of a square meter, approximately 100 watts of power are required. That is, if the bathroom has an area of 2*2, then the power of the heated towel rail should be at least 400 watts.

The volume of the room also matters. Approximate calculations look like this:

  1. If the volume of the room is 4-6 m3, then it is enough to buy a dryer 50 cm high and up to 60 cm wide.
  2. With a volume of 6-8 m3, the correct size of a heated towel rail for the bathroom will be approximately 60*60 cm.
  3. For rooms with a volume of 8 to 12 m3, the optimal dimensions of the dryer are 80*60 cm.

If the room’s volume is 10 m3 or even 14 m3 or more, you should choose a device with a height of 100 cm and a width of 60-80 cm.

It’s hard to say which size of towel rails is best, because everything is individual. Small towel dryers may not dry towels as well, let alone heat the room, while oversized ones, on the contrary, will dry out the air and heat the bathroom excessively, which is also uncomfortable.

How to choose the size of a heated towel rail considering different types of installation?

The dryer’s dimensions should also be chosen, considering its installation’s specifics. For example, a water dryer is selected based on the diameter of the sections that will connect it to the general heating system.

You should also consider the dimensions and weight of the dryer if it is attached to a plasterboard wall. In this case, you must either strengthen the wall or choose a less heavy product.

The last thing is the distance from the ceiling, floor, and wall corner. These parameters most often apply to electric tumble dryers, which can be installed anywhere there is access to an outlet. Choose the size and place of installation so that the dryer is installed at least 15 cm from the ceiling and wall corner after installation. The minimum distance from the floor should be 20-25 cm.

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