Energy consumption of electric towel rails: how economical are modern Hygge Family towel rails?

energy consumption of electric towel rails

Modern technologies significantly increase the comfort of everyday life. One of these useful and, at the same time, very convenient inventions is a towel dryer. This device provides quick drying of towels and small clothing items and is extremely important in maintaining hygiene and comfort in the bathroom. However, due to the constant rise in electricity prices and the need to conserve resources, choosing an energy-efficient electric dryer is becoming difficult. Let’s figure out what aspects you must pay attention to when choosing. We will also tell you what the energy consumption of an electric towel dryer should be.

The Role of Energy-Efficient Towel Rails in Everyday Life

High-quality towel dryers perform several important functions at once, including:energy consumption of electric towel rails

  • dry towels, which increases the comfort of their use and prevents unpleasant odors and dampness;
  • can be used to dry small items of clothing and home textiles;
  • serve as an additional source of heat in the room;
  • improve the appearance of the bathroom due to their attractive and elegant design.

General characteristics of electric towel rails

Before choosing such appliances for your home, it is very important to understand how an electric towel rail works. Such models use electricity to heat their elements. Their principle of operation can be described in a few steps:

  • a dry heating element is placed inside the pipes, which heats up when electricity is supplied;
  • the heating element directly transfers heat to the pipes of the heated towel rail, which then heat and dry the towels;
  • the operation of the appliance is regulated by a timer and/or temperature controller.

Most modern appliances are made in an ergonomic shape that resembles a ladder. This sturdy and practical design ensures high air circulation efficiency and is convenient for hanging and drying wet towels. The most popular models are wall-mounted, fixed directly to the bathroom wall.

Energy efficiency of Hygge Family heated towel rails

Hygge Family heated towel rails are high-quality products manufactured on European equipment exclusively according to modern European standards and with constant quality control. They were created due to cooperation between the famous British brand and the Ukrainian manufacturer Mario. Among the important advantages of such products is the relatively low energy consumption of electric towel rails, which makes them an excellent choice for modern conditions. However, what is the power of the towel rail Hygge Family? It is 90 watts. And this means that if it works for 6 hours a day, then:

  • daily consumption is 90 W * 6 hours = 540 W-hours = 0.54 kWh;
  • monthly consumption will be 0.54 kWh * 30 days = 16.2 kWh;
  • annual consumption is 0.54 kWh * 365 days = 197.1 kWh.

After calculating how much energy the electric towel rail consumes, it becomes clear that this appliance is very economical. It requires significantly less electricity compared to more powerful models, which can significantly reduce costs. At the same time, the 90 W power is enough to dry the towels of the whole family.

What else influences the efficiency of Hygge Family electric tumble dryers

how an electric towel rail worksLow power is not the only characteristic that positively distinguishes such appliances on the modern market. The economy of the Hygge Family heated towel rail is also emphasized by the presence of two elements for temperature control at once:

  • Thermostat. This device allows you to set and maintain the desired temperature by automatically turning off the heating element when the set heat level is reached. The temperature mode of the Hygge Family heated towel rail can be 40 °C, 45 °C, or 50 °C.
  • Timer. It allows you to program the operating time for 3 or 6 hours (it is also possible to turn on constant heating). This option also provides additional energy savings.

In Hygge Family heated towel rails, the thermostat and timer are combined in a convenient timer controller – with just two buttons, the consumer can select the optimal operating mode. All models also feature Eco Mode, allowing even more efficient temperature control and optimal running times for maximum practicality and economy.

Other benefits of Hygge Family towel rails

If you need a high-quality towel dryer, energy consumption is not the only criterion you should consider. Hygge Family products have other advantages, including:

  • high-quality material of manufacture – ultra-hard carbon steel with an anti-corrosion coating;
  • perfect temperature control and even heat distribution;
  • the most convenient connection – there is a possibility of plugging into an outlet and flush mounting, while the owner can attach the towel dryer to the mains on both the right and left sides;
  • stylish appearance.

Excellent technical characteristics, efficiency, and ease of connection and setup make Hygge Family electric dryers a good choice for every family.